Forum Theatre

What does the programme do?

It empowers students to explore and begin to find solutions to the problems within their community in an engaging and fun manner. Students create a piece of interactive theatre and share this with school staff, students and local people to invent new ways of confronting problems that affect all of them.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Identify problems in their community (e.g. gangs, drugs, bullying)
  • Understand links between the choices they make, consequences and accepting responsibility
  • Empathise with those that their behaviour affects
  • Use creative tools to explore alternatives to conflict
  • Build a greater sense of community

How it runs:

  • Up to 16 pupils
  • 2 hour sessions over 8 weeks (can be done in 1 hour sessions over 12 weeks)
  • Min. 3 performances to peers, staff, or parents as appropriate
  • Drama hall or large classroom or without tables. Hall for performances


    £2500 Including:
    • All resources
    • 8 training sessions
    • 3 performances
    • Debrief and evaluation session
      • Run two programmes at the same time and get 50% off the second programme
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