Peer Mediation

What does the programme do?

The programme will establish a body of skilled mediators that actively promotes peer-to-peer conflict resolution within the school, reducing staff time used on resolving playground disputes and increasing trust and cooperation in the school community.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Identify and articulate their feelings and needs and understand their own triggers to anger
  • Empathise with others and understand their feelings and behaviour
  • Understand and use the 5 steps of mediation
  • Know which conflicts are appropriate for them to mediate
  • Understand and commit to the responsibility of their role, and become powerful role models within the school community

How it runs:

  • Up to 16 pupils (multiples of 4 are best)
  • 3 full days of initial training
  • ½ day follow-up training (2 months after)
  • 2 hour staff-support training session to ensure service is sustainable
  • At least one member of school staff to participate in full training
  • Written report of progress based on student evaluations
  • Support to run an assembly introducing peer mediation


    £1750 Includes:
    • 3 ½ days training
    • Peer Mediation manual per participant
    • 2 hours staff support training
    • All resources
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